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Travel Questionnaire


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Which dive locations would you choose for your next dive vacation?
Florida Caribbean South Pacific
Indian Ocean Other

What are the top three specific destinations you would like to travel to
on your next dive vacation?

What times of the year would be best for your dive vacation?

Are there any times of the year that you could/would not travel during?

How long would you prefer your dive vacation be?
Long weekend One week
More than one week Does not matter

How much would you be willing to spend on a dive vacation?
Less than $1000 $1000-$2000 More than $2000

Would you spend more for luxury accommodations?

Would you like an all-inclusive package (accommodations, diving, meals)?

Would you like airfare to be included?

Would you like to travel in a group?

What type of dive vacation are you interested in?

If traveling as a single on a group trip, would you pay more for a
private accommodation?

How many dives per day would you like to do?

Is it important to have activities apart from Scuba on your vacation?

What Scuba course or specialty would you like to take on your next dive trip?